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How to Stop Muscle Wasting

By Helen Jain

Many people must deal with muscle wasting. Bedridden individuals, older adults and even those with desk jobs can find that their muscles are starting to lose definition and waste away. It is especially problematic for those with injuries who are unable to exercise their muscles. Though some muscle wasting problems are temporary, such as an injury that heals, some muscle wasting problems are more permanent and can be a major concern to the individual and their families. Stopping muscle wasting is important to keep healthy and fit.

Determine the cause of the muscle wasting. The cause can often give a clue about what actions to take to prevent and stop further muscle wasting. Muscle wasting caused by a disease would need different actions than the wasting caused by injuries.

Take any medications prescribed by the doctor. In the case of muscle wasting due to illness, some medications will help stop the muscle wasting. For those with injuries, medications will typically have no effect on muscle wasting but will typically reduce pain.

Exercise. Even light exercise will help stop muscle wasting. The more exercise done, the better the muscle tone will be. Muscle wasting is typically the result of not getting enough exercise. Some light exercise will often help stop the wasting process.

Eat a healthy diet. A diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals will help with muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is the process by which the protein in muscles is broken down as the muscles are left unused. Adding protein will often help, especially as exercise is added.

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