How to Stop Hunger Pains Without Eating

Hunger pains, or pangs, are a sign that your body needs nourishment, or at least thinks it needs something. While it's tempting to feed that growling stomach whenever the signs of hunger are there, those who are watching their weight or dietary intake in general may want to try some other steps before giving in to the hunger demons. It's not always necessary to eat to gain that satiated feeling.

Exercise. Get out and run, swim, bicycle or even walk. Any exercise regulates the appetite, according to the Weight Loss for All website 1. Not only will working out help turn off the hunger pains, it will help you control food intake when you finally eat.

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Drink at least one full glass of water, and drink more if you still feel hungry. Water is not only healthy for our skin, it flushes toxins and keeps us hydrated, which leads to higher energy levels.

Water is a healthy way to fill your stomach, which will eliminate or reduce hunger pains until the next mealtime.

Chew gum, preferably sugarless. The act of chewing tells your brain that food is on its way to the stomach. Do not, however, make this practice a routine part of your diet; chewing releases digestive acids into the stomach, and if there is no food forthcoming, that acid will gradually eat away at the stomach lining.

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Think about how you can make a healthy meal when it is time to eat again. High-calorie foods often make us take in more energy than out body really needs, and much of the content in those sweets or other comfort food will turn to fat.

When you do eat, make sure to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Feeding yourself smaller amounts more often, and using more fruits and vegetables, helps you body to metabolize better and avoid that bloated feeling.