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How to Stop Gagging on a Mouth Guard

By Robert Preston

Mouth guards play a vital role in protecting the athletes who wear them, as they serve to cushion blows to the head, reducing the rate of concussions. Unfortunately, poorly fit mouth guards can cause gagging, and attempts to remedy the problem by cutting off excess guard often result in the back teeth not receiving full protection. The best solution for an athlete who is having a hard time with his guard is a custom mouth guard, molded to fit the teeth completely with a minimum of excess, so the gag reflex is not triggered.

  1. Mix the two composite materials of the dental mold kit.

  2. Fill the mouth piece of the dental mold kit with the composite materials.

  3. Insert the mouth piece into your mouth and bite down into the composite mold material.

  4. Remove the mouth piece after several minutes, as directed on the kit. The piece may provide pressure before giving way.

  5. Fill the mold with plaster of Paris if the custom guard company of your choosing requires a plaster casting be handed in. If the company only requires a mold, skip this step.

  6. Bring the mold or plaster casting to your guard manufacturer, or mail it for a mail-away creation. A skilled professional will craft a guard that fits your teeth perfectly, providing full protection without extending any farther into the mouth than is needed for that protection.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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