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How to Stop Bleeding From the Tongue

The tongue is full of blood vessels. As a result, it can bleed profusely when cut. If your tongue is bleeding, assess the situation. If you have a deep laceration in your tongue, you should immediately go to a hospital. In some instances, the hospital may refer you to an oral surgeon. If you have a small cut that is bleeding, you can take steps to stop the bleeding yourself. If you aren't able to stop the bleeding within 45 minutes, see a doctor.

Is This an Emergency?

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Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water. You should not touch a cut on your tongue without ensuring your hands are completely clean.

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Tilt your head forward by drawing your chin closer to your chest. This will prevent blood from accumulating in the back of your throat, which could lead to choking.

Apply pressure to the area. Hold a clean cloth or gauze against the part of your tongue that is bleeding. Use firm pressure to hold the cloth or gauze over the area for approximately five minutes. If your tongue is still bleeding once you remove the cloth, reapply for another five minutes.

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Wrap ice in a clean cloth and apply it to your tongue. The cold will help stop the bleeding.

Apply a wet tea bag to your tongue. Choose a black or green tea rather than herbal tea 1. The tannins in black and green tea help blood to coagulate, thereby stopping the bleeding more quickly.


Avoid salty foods, which can irritate cuts on your tongue.