How to Cure Cuts Inside Your Lips

Having a sore mouth is no laughing matter. It can interfere with your ability to eat, to talk and to laugh. As such, you want these cuts to heal fast. Implementing a few home treatments can help heal your cuts and have you singing the praises of a healthy mouth in no time.

Keep your mouth clean. Bacteria can get into your cuts and cause an infection. Trapped food particles can also cause your cuts to worsen. The best way to keep your mouth clean is to rinse with warm salt water. Rinse at least three times a day and after eating. It will also be helpful to use a soft toothbrush until your cuts are healed. Avoid brushing directly over the areas of the cuts. This could irritate your cuts and delay healing 2.

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Avoid foods that will irritate the cuts inside your lips and mouth. Salty and citrus foods could cause a stinging sensation. Foods with hard edges or anything chewy could re-open your healing cuts. A soft diet will work best until your healing is complete.

Apply pressure if you have bleeding from your cuts. Using your fingers, press a clean cloth directly on the cuts, until the bleeding stops. It typically takes about 5 minutes to stop the bleeding. Put ice on the area or eat an ice cream pop 2. If bleeding does not stop within 10 minutes, call your doctor.

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Refrain from opening your mouth too widely. This will stretch your lips and cause your cuts to re-open. Although you will want to look, do not pull your lips out to check on your cuts. Instead, gently open your mouth to check on the cuts with a hand mirror.

Treat any pain that occurs. Pain from cuts will usually go away by rinsing with warm salt water. This will remove saliva or food particles that may be irritating the cuts. An ice pack or ice cream pop will also be soothing. If pain is persistent or gets worse, call your doctor.


Cuts inside the lips and mouth should heal in three to four days. Call your doctor if healing is prolonged.


Call your doctor if fever, increased pain, excessive bleeding or signs of infection occur.