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Stir Fry Beef Calories

A typical, 1 cup serving of stir fry beef contains about 300 calories. That's for a quarter of a pound of beef, plus a few vegetables -- onions, peppers, carrots, maybe a little broccoli -- and a sauce.

Calories in Beef

The calories in your beef depend on what kind of beef you choose. A quarter of a pound of flank steak contains about 110 calories. A quarter of a pound of top sirloin contains 142 calories. A quarter of a pound of top round steak contains 118 calories. To stir fry the beef, you will need 1 tbls. of oil, which weighs in at about 100 calories.

Calories in Vegetables

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Adding vegetables to the stir fry adds very few calories. For example, one medium green onion contains 20 calories. A quarter of a red bell pepper contains nine calories. A half of a medium carrot contains 13 calories. And a third of a cup of broccoli florets contains six calories.

Calories in Sauce

Your sauce might be a simple as a couple of tbls. of soy sauce, which contain 17 calories. If you want something a little more elaborate, a quarter of a cup of bottled teriyaki sauce contains around 64 calories.