What Is Steroidal Saponins?

By Andrew Jay Saxsma ; Updated July 27, 2017

Steroidal saponins are a steroid "building block" that are a blueprint for the body to create its own steroids. They are a steroid building block. According to the Southwest School of Botany, they are not actual anabolic steroids.


Steroidal saponins, according to the Southwest School of Botany, are a plant constituent or a secondary metabolite that helps the body create steroids to stimulate muscle growth and raise testosterone levels.

Side Effects

There have been no harmful side effects reported in any clinical study or human trials related to steroidal saponins, at the time of writing (Oct. 2009).


Steroidal saponins are a naturally occurring plant compound, and therefore have been deemed legal.

Plant Source

Bodybuilding.com states that the steroidal saponins compound is derived from the Tribulus terrestris plant. Tribulus terrestris is a vine-like plant grown in tropical climates.

Steroidal Saponin Applications

Athletes and body builders have stated performance increases due to steroidal saponins. It also has noted applications in erectile dysfunction.

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