How to Stay Regular Naturally

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Constipation is uncomfortable and unhealthy. You don't need to buy laxatives to stay regular. These common sense tips will help you.


How to Stay Regular Naturally. Constipation is uncomfortable and unhealthy. You don't need to buy laxatives to stay regular. These common sense tips will help you.

Fluid Intake

Drink plenty of liquids every day. If you are sweating too much or have a fever, you are losing fluids. Replace the fluid intake and drink at least 6 eight-ounce glasses per day. Fluids push the solids through your intestines and make it easier to evacuate.

Keep fruit juices handy. Fruit juice, especially prune juice, adds fiber and liquid at the same time to your diet. For those who cannot bear the thought of prune juice, try warming it in the microwave oven and adding a little lemon. Warmed prune juice seems to work faster than any other juice and warming it cuts its thickness. It also tastes much better warmed.

Have a cup of coffee or a hot drink with caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and will get your whole system moving. Other drinks with caffeine will also work as long as the amount of caffeine is as high as a cup of coffee.


Exercise, even a short walk, can stimulate your body. This is especially true after a cup of coffee in the morning.

Laugh and breath deep as an exercise to help those who are bedridden. Laughter flexes the abdominal muscles and helps to stimulate the intestine. Deep breathing pushes oxygen throughout the body, which will in turn stimulate the body.

Practice a range of motion. This exercise moves all the joints in your body. You can do it yourself or have a caregiver do it for you if unable to move on your own. Just doing range of motion exercises will help to stimulate your systems.


Eat foods naturally high in fiber. Fiber is "roughage" and helps to move the waste through your system.

Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet; they are naturally high in fiber. Vegetables that are high in fiber include celery, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Corn is also a great source of fiber, but high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Include legumes, peas and beans to your diet, which are naturally very high in fiber.


Try a Reuben sandwich which has sauerkraut, that is very high in fiber. Eat coleslaw with meals. It is higher in fiber than a tossed salad. Have some popcorn occasionally. Its yummy, filling and high in fiber.


Always check with your doctor before adding to or changing your diet. Food high in fiber requires more fluid intake to move the roughage through your system.

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