How to Spot Physical Signs of Drug Abuse Such as Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Most people who suffer from addiction attempt to hide their habit. When the addiction line gets crossed into abuse, the signs that something is very wrong are more clearly visible. The signs of abuse can differ, depending on the type of drug the person is abusing. The signs might or might not appear at the same time. But there are some signs to watch for if you suspect drug abuse.

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How to Spot Physical Signs of Drug Abuse

Look into the person's eyes. Telltale signs of drug abuse include dilated pupils and/or red, watery or bloodshot eyes. The eyes could be puffy and have dark circles because of hyperactivity and an inability to sleep or rest because of the abuse.

Take a look at the person's arms. A common physical sign of drug abuse is injection sites. Usually found on the arms, these are easy to hide with clothes. A person trying to hide injection marks probably will wear a lot of baggy, loose, long-sleeved clothing.

Study the person's weight. Has he suddenly gained or lost weight? Our ability to gain or lose weight is strongly tied in with our emotions and stress levels. Drug abuse can alter those levels dramatically.

Feel the person's hands. Cold, clammy hands can be a sign of drug abuse, as can any shaking or trembling.