Signs & Symptoms of Fatigue & Excessive Hunger

Sometimes, you just feel drained, tired and hungry. However, you must be able to tell when those feelings are just that, or something more serious that may affect your health. Understanding the basic symptoms and signs of fatigue and those of excessive hunger help you to listen to what your body is telling you. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a good example of an illness that you may not know much about, but that may have a huge impact on your life 1. Symptoms of excessive hunger may mimic other conditions, as well.

Unexplained Pain

Fatigue symptoms may vary depending on your current lifestyle and habits, but may be defined as muscle pain that you can't explain to radiating pain that seems to travel around your body without observable signs such as swollen joints or areas of redness, according to the Mayo Clinic 1.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

A sign is something you can see or touch. In the medical field, a sore throat is often a sign of fatigue if your health care provider can view your throat and see redness or swelling. Your doctor may also detect and feel swollen lymph nodes in your neck or be able to palpate them in your armpit.

Inability to Concentrate

An inability to concentrate or focus on daily tasks or responsibilities, or experiencing a loss or gaps in your memory or reasoning skills may also be symptoms of fatigue as well as extreme hunger.


Muscle weakness and lack of energy are symptoms of excessive hunger that may be caused by crash dieting, but may also indicate a metabolic disorder or illness such as hypothyroidism, according to Medicine Online, a website resource for doctors and laymen on health and wellness. Weakness or muscle fatigue may follow tingling in the muscles or a feeling of lack of coordination or lack of muscle control.

Digestive Issues

Diarrhea is a sign of body fatigue and strain, and may be accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating. Excessive hunger may also lead to sudden weight loss. If your extreme sense of hunger is not related to rapid weight loss or gain due to intense physical activity or sensible dieting, you should have your condition assessed by your health care provider. According to the Mayo Clinic, nausea may also accompany periods of excessive hunger.

Balance Issues

Your balance may be affected by fatigue or hunger, according to the Mayo Clinic. Dizziness may throw you off balance and you may experience pain in your ears, where your sense of balance originates. You may also experience vision disturbances that can affect balance and stability. Muscle stiffness may make mobility difficult. Extreme hunger or fatigue may cause some people to faint.