The homeopathic remedy Sepia is generally used to treat women, primarily for conditions pertaining to the female reproductive system, menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Much of its action affects the uterus. It is also used for people in a state of collapse, exhibiting chronic fatigue-like weakness, possible hypertension and emotional indifference and apathy. It is generally well tolerated with no adverse effects if used properly and according to directions. The 6C potency is a milder strength and may often be used more frequently and with fewer potential problems than a higher potency. If used too frequently, it may have side effects. Potency, dose and frequency must be decided by a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

Female Reproductive System

According to “Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines,” one of the most common side effects is a sensation of “bearing down” or pressure in the uterus, with the feeling that the insides are falling out through the vagina 1. With this feeling the person has the need to cross her legs in an effort to keep everything "intact." There is also a disinterest in sex and an inability to show affection, along with hot flushes.

Gastrointestinal and Weakness

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Reports of weakness and fatigue, of being withdrawn and “burned out,” have been seen as a result of too much Sepia 6C. The inability to generate any physical energy accompanied with emotional apathy is a common side effect.

Emotional/Metal Effects

You may cry easily and have the desire for the companionship of others but get annoyed with them when they try to comfort you, according to the book “Synoptic Materia Medica I. 3"

Odd Sensations

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Patients taking Sepia may experience the sensation of a “ball” inside the body. This feeling may be felt in the abdomen, rectum, throat or uterus. Chilliness with the inability to get warm even in a warm room and sensitivity to cold weather are other effects of Sepia 6C.