More people are turning to herbs to treat their health problems, and many hope to avoid prescription drugs until those drugs become unavoidable. One of the natural products called Formula 303 has been growing in popularity among those people.

What is Formula 303?

Formula 303 is a natural muscle relaxer that often offers relief within hours of ingestion. Many of its users have reported that this product helped them sleep well at night. Formula 303 is often prescribed by chiropractors as a natural pain killer.

About Valerian

The main ingredient in formula 303 is valerian, which is also called valeriana officinalis. This plant was originally found in Asia and Europe but has been largely grown here in the United States. Valerian produces the soothing effect of Formula 303.

History of Formula 303

The history of Formula 303 goes back to Greece and Italy. During the Roman Empire, Romans used the key ingredient in Formula 303--valerian--to treat restlessness, anxiety, panic and other ailments related to tension problems. Valerian was also used in Greece and Italy to treat insomnia and similar problems.

Other Uses of Formula 303

Valerian also might help ease headaches, intestinal cramps and menstrual cramps. Formula 303 is regularly recommended by chiropractic clinics as a body relaxation remedy. It offers a natural way to control panic attacks as well.

Side Effects of Formula 303

Formula 303 has no known side effects. Valerian has been used for 1,000 years, but no side effects associated with this herb have surfaced. However, its users have one complaint about Formula 303: Many say the product is malodorous.