What Is Absorbine Jr?

Absorbine Jr.® liniment has been used for over a century to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain. It was invented by a married couple in their home, and as the product line expands, W.F. Young, Inc., remains committed to enhanced well-being through pain relief.


In 1892, Wilbur F. Young and Mary Young went to work on a liniment. Made of essential oils and herbs, Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment proved highly effective at bringing relief to weary or lame horses. The liniment was soon widely used in farms nationwide for natural and quick animal pain relief. But farmers soon discovered that it relieved their own muscle and joint pain.

Wilbur Young tweaked the original formula, adapting it for human bodies. He called the new product Absorbine Jr.®, and it became hugely popular. On the company's website, Absorbine Jr.® is said to be available in more medicine cabinets than any liquid treatment for pain relief 1.


According to the Walgreens Drugstore website, Absorbine Jr.® is recommended for temporary relief of minor joint and muscle pain 1. It can be effective for arthritis, bruises, sprains, strains and backache. It’s used sometimes to relieve the discomfort of athlete’s foot.


People who deal with frequent joint and muscle pain know that pain relief products are often messy. Absorbine Jr.® has a helpful applicator attached to the bottle cap; so, it’s possible to apply the liquid without getting it all over your hands. It's quickly absorbed, dries quickly and is not greasy. It has an antiseptic to help prevent infection.


The active ingredient in Absorbine Jr.® liniment is 1.27% natural menthol.


The Absorbine Jr.® name is most famous for the original liniment, but there are other products in the line. The liniment is available also as Absorbine Jr.® Extra Strength, which provides a stronger concentration of the active ingredients.

The Absorbine Jr.® Back Patch is designed for help with chronic back pain. It blends menthol and camphor in a large adhesive patch that is guaranteed to stay attached and provide penetrating heat to the covered area for eight hours. The Absorbine Jr.® Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Patch has a flexible, soft construction so it can be worn comfortably over painful parts of the body. The Ultra Strength Patch contains four times more active ingredients than the Back Patch.