How to Get Rid of Yellow Upper Eyelids

There are several causes of yellow upper eyelids, including anemia, strained eyes, medicinal allergies, dehydration, jaundice, fatigue, gluten allergy or picking of eyelashes. Some of these causes are a serious risk to your health and require consulting a doctor. To fix your yellow eyelids, your doctor might recommend something as simple as drinking more water, eating more protein or getting more rest, but if you have a more serious condition your doctor may need to prescribe medication. While you are following your doctor’s directions and waiting for your yellow eyelids to return to their normal color, you can cover them with makeup.

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Go to a grocery store, department store makeup counter or a dedicated makeup store and look for concealer.

Yellow Bags Under Eyes

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Purchase a lightweight concealer that most closely matches the color of your skin. You may need to get a shade lighter than your skin tone, as your eyelids are naturally slightly lighter than the rest of your skin.

Use a makeup brush to apply the concealer to your entire eyelid 2. You can use a sponge to blend the concealer if it still looks uneven.