Ketoderm Side Effects

Ketoderm (ketoconazole) is the Canadian brand name of a prescription-level drug that may be used in the treatment of yeast or fungal infections. These include a skin yeast infection called cutaneous candidiasis, athlete’s foot, bodily or groin ringworm, pityriasis versicolor or tinea versicolor (commonly known as "sun fungus"), and others. There also are some forms of ketoconazole that are sold over-the-counter.

Serious Side Effects

Ketoderm has been known to produce serious side effects in some people. Less common serious side effects, according to the Mayo Clinic, include skin irritation, burning, stinging and itching. Rare serious side effects include facial swelling, acne, bleeding mouth or gum sores, sensations of tingling, crawling, burning or numbness, eye irritation, toenail or fingernail discoloration, dry skin, dry eyes and dizziness. Another rare serious side effect is a red rash that includes pus-filled blisters or a thick yellow crust on the skin.

Other Serious Side Effects

Ketoderm is also available as a gel shampoo, and there are other serious side effects that area associated with this form of the drug: wheezing, loss of hair, scalp irritation, difficulty breathing, sensations of burning on the skin, skin blisters, skin dryness, skin flaking, difficulty swallowing, hair discoloration and hair thinning. Others include swelling of the face or extremities, rapid heart rate (tachycardia), shortness of breath, fever, rash, pain in the joints, hives, stiffness in the joints, hoarseness, swelling in the joints and bodily irritation.

Temporary Side Effects

Temporary side effects from using the gel or shampoo versions of Ketoderm most likely will disappear with continued use. Medical attention probably won’t be required for these types of side effects, but you may want to call your doctor if they don’t vanish or if they are difficult to bare. These effects include pustules on the scalp, oiliness of the scalp or hair, dryness of the scalp or hair, skin dryness that is mild and an abnormal change in the texture of your hair.