How to Get Rid of Ringworm in 2 Days

Ringworm is a fungal infection that is spread by contact with infected, usually moist, surfaces. It causes a skin circular rash, with healthy skin in the center. Ringworm on the body is related to both athlete’s foot and ringworm on the scalp, the latter of which causes bald patches on the head 1. Ringworm on the head is treated with oral medication, since topical medication has an even slower effect. It is slow to respond and takes weeks to clear up. Ringworm on the body, however, is more quickly remedied. The sooner any remedy is applied, the better.

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Apply clear nail polish remover to a clean pad.

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Hold the pad directly on one ring for a few seconds.

Repeat for all the other rings. Reapply the polish remover to the pad before applying to each ring.

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Cover each ring with a bandage soaked in salty water to remove moisture and prevent the ringworm from spreading to other parts of your body and to other people 1.

See a doctor if you don’t see progress within a few days or if the ringworms aren’t gone within a week. The doctor will have more traditional medicine. The doctor’s medicine could easily take more than 2 days more to work, if the nail polish didn’t yield results in a whole week. Your doctor may even re-diagnose your condition. For example, sometimes the virus Pityriasis rosea manifests as circular rashes, but requires a very different treatment.


Air your bathroom out after every shower, running an exhaust fan and leaving the door open. The aim is to reduce moisture for ringworm to grow in.

Clean the tub every day with diluted bleach and change your bedding every two days until the ringworms are gone.

Replace towels daily, or use paper towels when drying the areas that have rings.

Clean towels, clothing and bedding on the hottest dryer and washer settings.

Alternatives to clear nail polish remover are bleach and a solution of salt and vinegar. They may take longer to take effect, though.


Don’t take a bath. It could spread through the water to other parts of your body.

Don’t scratch. It will bust the blisters open and cause the ringworm to spread.