How to Repair the Serving on a Bowstring

By Zach Lazzari

The serving on a bowstring is designed to absorb abuse and protect the actual string from nicks and wear. The serving is likely to break and unravel after sustaining cuts in the thread. It may be repaired if the damage is minor, but the best option, if there is serious damage, is to remove and replace the entire serving. The process is simple, and the new serving will be able to sustain years of abuse before it needs to be replaced.

Assess the state of the current serving by examining the serving thread for breaks and excessive wear. Expect to replace the entire section of serving if multiple breaks are visible. You will simply repair the serving if there is only a single break.

Locate the damaged section of serving. Cut a 1-foot section of serving thread from a spool. Wrap the thread around the bow string 2 inches below the damage. Tie a single overhand knot in the thread.

Pull each end of the thread to the opposite side of the knot and tie another overhand knot. Continue alternating the knots until you are 2 inches above the damaged section.

Tie a double overhand knot on the final wrap to secure the serving repair. Cut the ends of the serving thread, leaving a small tag on each.

Apply a quick flame to the serving thread tags with a lighter. Allow the tag to catch fire and quickly blow out the flame. The ends will melt and secure the final serving knot around the thread.

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