How to Repair a Golf Seat Cover

By Kelly Gray

A golf cart seat cover is an important item on a golf cart. The cover wraps around the seat cushion and seat back to make the seat more comfortable for golfers to sit on. Although most covers tend to be vinyl, seat covers can also be made out of fabric. Covers are waterproof, but with constant usage can develop stains, holes or tears in the seat. Repairs can be made, but if the damage is significant, purchasing a new seat cover might be a consideration.

Clean the golf cart cover with a vinyl cleaner and towel. Spray some of the cleaner on a dry towel, and wipe the seats down, removing any dirt or grim that has built up. If the cleaner does not include a seat protectant, spray a separate protectant on a clean cloth and apply it to the seat.

Remove the seat cover from the seat by unscrewing the screws holding the seat to the golf cart. Lift the seat off and remove the entire cover.

Find the tear or rip in the seat cover. Select a thread that is a similar color to the seat cover. Cut five to six inches of thread or longer if the tear is larger. Thread a needle and tie a knot in the opposite end of the thread.

Insert the needle from the back of the cover along one side of the tear, near the bottom. Pull it through the cover until the knot stops the thread from moving.

Pull the thread over the tear to the other side and insert the needle back through the cover. Pull the thread through until one stitch is made. Repeat the steps of inserting the needle on one side of the tear and whipping it over to the other side, until the entire tear is re-stitched.

Slide the cover back onto the seat and place the seat in the golf cart. Insert the screws in the appropriate holes to reattach the seat.

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