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How to Remove Super Glue From Teeth

Super Glue is made with a type of resin that can bond with any type of matter, whether organic or inorganic. Because of the nature of its bond, always handle Super Glue with care, caution and intelligence. Opening a tube of Super Glue with your teeth is not recommended, but if you or someone you know gets in the predicament of needing to remove Super Glue from the teeth, it is possible but may take some time.

Slice off a 1/2-inch piece of margarine and place it in a bowl.

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Swipe your finger over the margarine, getting a liberal amount on your finger. Rub a thick layer of margarine on your teeth wherever Super Glue is adhered.

Keep the margarine on the Super Glue for 20 minutes. Swallow as little as possible during this time to keep the margarine in place. Apply more margarine if you swallow it.

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Dampen a sterile gauze pad and use it to scrub the Super Glue. The Super Glue should start to flake and soften after the margarine has interrupted the bonding action of its resins. Use another dampened gauze pad, if needed, and continue to rub and remove the Super Glue resin.

Brush your teeth as normal, using toothpaste and a toothbrush.


Use pliers or a jar-opening gripper to help you open a hard-to-open tube of Super Glue.


If Super Glue remains adhered to your teeth and is causing your lips or tongue to be stuck, go to the Emergency Room for treatment.