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How to Remove Plantar Warts With Tweezers

Plantar warts are growths typically on the underside of your feet caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) 2. While not detrimental to your health, the warts can become painful and can spread through cuts in the skin. Avoid expensive, unnatural over-the-counter wart removal remedies and rid yourself of an unsightly, painful wart with nothing more than apple cider vinegar and tweezers 13. The vinegar breaks down the wart, allowing you to remove the virus in the black core of the wart with tweezers 1.

Dry the affected area thoroughly. Remove any dead skin with pumice scraper, and clean the residue away.

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Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar 13.

Apply the cotton ball to the plantar wart.

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Tape the cotton ball in place with athletic tape, and leave it on overnight.

Replace the cotton ball in the morning. Repeat this for a week.

Soak a pair of tweezers in rubbing alcohol to sterilize and prevent the spread of the virus.

Use the tweezers to grab and remove the the black core of the wart. If you can't get at it easily or without pain, repeat Steps 1 through 5 again and tweeze again in a week.


Exercise caution when attempting to remove the center with tweezers; HPV can spread easily.


Upon first application of the vinegar, you may experience some discomfort. This will dissipate after a day or two.