How to Remove Coffee Stains From Teeth

Removing coffee stains from your teeth is a bit of a challenge. I'd like to tell you you can remove the coffee stains from your teeth by simply rubbing them with a strawberry or a lemon as some people claim this remedy works, but this method will only whiten teeth to a certain degree. Stubborn coffee stains need a more intensive treatment. Also, I wouldn't suggest you use strawberries or lemons to whiten your teeth with because the acid content in these fruits has been know to damage tooth enamel. Try one of the teeth whitening methods listed below.

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Teeth, by Grace Covelli

Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Professional The most effective tooth whitening system is one that a professional performs in an office. This method utilizes a hydrogen peroxide gel or solution that is put in a mouth tray and activated by a lamp or a laser. Depending on the whitening system used, whitening results may be visible in as little as twenty minutes.

Whiten Your Teeth Using a Bleaching Kit If you can't afford to have your teeth whitened professionally, or if you'd just rather do it yourself, you may want to purchase one of the many available teeth whitening kits sold in drug stores. Some of these kits come with a supply of whitening strips, others come with a mouth tray you fill with bleaching gel and wear over your teeth for a period of time. These kits do whiten teeth, but to a much lesser degree than if you had them whitened by a professional.

Brush Your Teeth With Sodium Bicarbonate and Toothpaste Many people claim to have success with removing coffee stains from their teeth using sodium bicarbonate. Simply dip a toothbrush that has toothpaste on it into some sodium bicarbonate and brush your teeth. Sodium bicarbonate is somewhat abrasive, so if you do use it, do not brush your teeth with it more than two times a week, use a toothbrush that has soft bristles, and brush gently. I would also refrain from using sodium bicarbonate to brush your teeth with on an ongoing basis. Some people add a little hydrogen peroxide to the mix, but I don't recommend doing so as hydrogen peroxide can be toxic; you really need to how to use hydrogen peroxide safely.

Use an Over-The-Counter Mouthwash to Whiten Teeth There are mouthwashes on the market that are designed to remove surface stains from your teeth. With regular use, your teeth should look whiter.

Whiten Teeth With Food If you really want to keep it basic, you can work with Mother Nature to whiten your teeth. Coffee stains will not disappear using this method, but your teeth should look a little whiter after rubbing them with the white side of an orange peel, or after eating a crispy apple or carrot.


Sodium bicarbonate is abrasive, so do not use it for prolonged periods of time.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, get your doctor's approval before using any teeth whitening system.