How to Remove Blueberry Stains From Teeth Naturally

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A beautiful smile is an important feature on any face, but eating or drinking certain foods may cause your teeth to become darkened and stained. Because teeth are porous, eating colorful foods such as blueberries may create unattractive stains that are difficult to remove. Normal brushing and flossing may not be enough; however, blueberry stains on your teeth are removable with some specific dental care.

Brush and floss your teeth to remove any excess tartar buildup that may contribute to the appearance of blueberry-stained teeth. Use a toothbrush with medium bristles and brush in a downward motion vigorously for at least three minutes to thoroughly cleanse teeth.

Rinse your whole mouth with 3 percent over-the-counter peroxide for one to 10 minutes to bleach your teeth and remove blueberry stains. Hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidizer and lifts stains from porous material, including teeth.

Mix a paste that includes a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ tsp of baking soda and ¼ tsp of sea salt. Vary amounts to form a sticky paste if necessary. Brush your teeth using this mixture for up to three minutes. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with a peroxide rinse for up to 10 minutes and then a clear water rinse to completely cleanse blueberry stains from teeth.


Brush gingerly when using sea salts to prevent enamel wear.


Lemon juice can be caustic to tooth enamel and should be used with caution.