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How to Relieve Clogged Sweat Glands in the Armpit

Blocked sweat glands can easily result in very painful growths forming on the body. Once the gland is blocked, most commonly by skin oil and dead skin cells, the gland continues to secrete sweat and oil which now has no outlet. The gland will then swell and infection sets in. This results in antibodies dispatching to the site. The armpit is a very common place for sweat glands to get clogged, due to the folds of skin and the numerous hair follicles located in the region. Relieving clogged sweat glands requires some diligence.

Soak a washcloth under water and ring it out so it is damp.

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Heat the wet washcloth in the microwave until it is very warm, but not hot enough to burn you. The amount of heating time varies depending on the microwave. Start with 15 seconds and increase the heat as needed. Never heat a dry washcloth and always monitor the microwave when in use to avoid a fire.

Sprinkle salt over the compress once it is heated to your satisfaction 1. The salt will help unclog the sweat gland.

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Press the salty side of the hot washcloth firmly up against the clogged sweat gland and hold it there for five minutes.

Dry the armpit with a soft rag and dab a povidone-iodine solution onto the swollen gland.

Repeat several times a day until the gland has healed.


If the gland gets worse or the swelling doesn't go down, you many need to go on antibiotics to kill the infection. Visit your doctor for a diagnosis.