Questions on a Psychological Evaluation

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When people find themselves faced with psychological evaluations, it is often because they require treatment for a mental disorder. Psychological evaluations involve a psychologist asking a patient a series of questions to assess his mental condition and medical history. Questions vary depending on the purpose of the evaluation, but most evaluations include the same basic questions.

Background Questions

Most questionnaires ask basic background questions that evaluate your history of mental and physical health and your current life situation. Questions include, "What is your current career?" and "How many hours do you work per week?" There may be more detailed questions about your job, such as "Do you enjoy your work?" and "How stressed do you feel after work?" Other questions deal with free time, such as "What do you do during your leisure time?" Questions may deal with family situations, friends and where you currently live. Many questionnaires ask for why you are seeking an evaluation, such as "Why do you want therapy?" and "What do you think therapy can do for you?"

Questions on Depression

Questions on depression aim to determine if the person taking the evaluation is suffering from depression. Questions may aim to determine if the depression is mild or severe. Common questions include "Do you feel sad, unmotivated, depressed of burnt out?" and "Have you have any thoughts or feelings of self-harm or suicide?" Many questionnaires ask if the test-taker has attempted any self-harm and for the details of any experiences.

Questions About Other Mental Problems

Common questions for a psychological evaluation include "Do you have a temper?" and "Do you feel anxious frequently?" More in-depth evaluations include questions about hearing voices or feeling as if you are not in control of your actions. Some questions deal with your feelings about people, such as "Do you feel people are trustworthy?" and "How much do you care what others think of you?" Questions deal with fears and worries, such as "What are you afraid of?" and "How worried are you on a daily basis?"

Drug Use

For practical and medical purposes, most evaluations include questions about current medications as well as alcohol and drug use. Questions deal with past and present drug use as well as your feelings towards alcohol. For example, an evaluation may ask "How does alcohol change your mood?" or "What are your feelings about alcohol?" Most evaluations ask for background information, such as "How many drinks do you consume per week" or "Do you have a history of illegal drug use?"