What Is the Purpose of Female Pubic Hair?

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Female pubic hair is often viewed as unnecessary, so many women make the decision to shave it. Like other types of hair on the body, there is a reason women develop pubic hair once they reach puberty. Medical experts have come up with quite a few different theories for the purpose of female pubic hair.


The most widespread theory on the reason women have pubic hair has to do with pheromones and the role that they play in sexual attraction. Pheromones are odors produced by the body that attract members of the opposite gender. There are some people who have very strong odors, and some with odors that are not quite as noticeable to others. Pubic hair may play a role in capturing and emitting pheromones from the genitals into the air, according to Columbia University.


Another theory on the purpose of female pubic hair is that it was meant to keep the genital area warm. Before people wore clothing as they do today, pubic hair may have offered some protection. According to Health Services at Columbia University, this theory is debatable because men would have more pubic hair and it should cover a woman’s lower torso to keep her internal reproductive organs warm.


Some people believe that female pubic hair is there to provide women with protection against infection. According to the University of California, Santa Barbara, it is thought that pubic hair may help prevent foreign particles from entering the vagina. Under this theory, one can compare pubic hair to eyelashes, which protect the eyes. A controversial question which is raised about this theory is why men do not have pubic hair surrounding the opening of their urethra.


According to Planned Parenthood, Dr. Stephen Juan has a theory that says the purpose of pubic hair is to prevent skin irritation. Pubic hair helps to reduce friction during body movement. It also helps to reduce friction between the skin and tight clothing. Without pubic hair, the skin may be more susceptible to chafing or rashes. This is one of the less widespread theories on the purpose of female pubic hair.


Some believe that decoration is the only purpose that female pubic hair serves. The acceptance of pubic hair varies according to culture, as well as every individual’s personal preferences. While some may prefer to shave their pubic hair, others may want to style it uniquely, trim it or leave it entirely natural. The way that a woman chooses to style her pubic hair can increase her partner’s sexual attraction toward her.