Smelly Hair & Candida Yeast

Body and hair odor can be cause for ridicule and embarrassment. The formation of candida colonies can cause this problem, but with the proper diet and by controlling certain factors, the odor can be eliminated.

Function of Candida

According to Nourished Magazine, the yeast overgrowth in your body is known as candida 1. Candida is a one-celled fungus that resides in all parts of the body, including the eyes, ears and stomach. It serves as a friendly fungus and wards off harmful bacteria and contaminants that enter the body. When candida begins to grow heavily within the body, problems such as smelly hair begin to occur.

Immune System

According to Nourished Magazine, a healthy immune system maintains the fungus in your body 1. When your body’s immune system stops functioning properly, candida can grow out of control. When your immune system is damaged, it can no longer fight off the good fungus, let alone the bad bacteria. Symptoms such as smelly hair begin to arise, illustrating that the yeast is expanding and increasing.


According to Science Daily, the causes for a poor immune system are malnutrition, unsanitary environment and a developing virus in the body such as HIV 2. Nourished Magazine cites that when candida grows uncontrollably, it begins producing colonies 1. These colonies of candida create toxins within the body, which move around and deplete your immune system even more. Once they begin to circulate, the body begins to malfunction and produce symptoms such as smelly hair.


The apocrine glands are outgrowths of the hair follicles; they are made up of a gland and a duct that travels toward the hair follicle. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the apocrine gland does not usually emit odor, but when the body has immune problems the gland functions improperly, which allows a smell to waft from your hair or scalp.


One way to prevent your hair from smelling because of the overgrowth of candida yeast is to eat a proper diet. According to Nourished Magazine, one of the biggest culprits of an abundance of candida is sugar 1. Sugar provides food for candida. When you continually supply candida with a food source, it multiplies and grows. This also allows candida to grow in your body. If you take away these toxic environmental factors, candida will stay at a healthful level.