Prenatal Vitamins for Menopause

Easing the discomfort of menopause and hormonal therapy can be done using the right vitamins and supplements. For many, prenatal vitamins are the perfect concoction to help some of the most uncomfortable issues that menopause brings on.

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins, formulated for pregnant women. They are designed to fill nutritional gaps caused by pregnancy and contain several vitamins and minerals; however, folic acid, iron and calcium are the most important ingredients.

Folic Acid

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During pregnancy, folic acid prevents birth defects. In menopause, folic acid treats some of the mood problems associated with menopause. One study conducted by the MRC Neuropsychiatric Research Laboratory found a link between low folic acid levels and depression.

Calcium and Vitamin D

In pregnancy, bone loss may occur as the fetus uses the minerals first. In menopause, the hormonal changes that occur leave women prone to osteoporosis. Calcium and Vitamin D can prevent this.


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Iron is vital during pregnancy. However, once in menopause, iron needs reduce significantly; women go from needing 18 mg of iron to only 8 mg daily. This may need to be monitored by a doctor if using prenatal vitamins during menopause.

Other Vitamins and Minerals

Other vitamins that are found in prenatal vitamin mixes that have proven effective in treating the symptoms of menopause include Vitamin B12 (increases energy), Vitamin C (prevents cancer), Vitamin E (fights hot flashes) and zinc (prevents depression).