Pills for Gray Hair

According to a report by MSNBC, the hair-care industry is worth $42.5 billion worldwide as of 2010. Part of what contributes to this huge industry is gray hair. Both men and women often feel as if gray hairs age them beyond their years and take away from their natural beauty.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Disabled World says that gray hair is not necessarily related to one’s age 1. The primary factor causing gray hair is hereditary. If a parent went gray early, then more than likely the offspring will go prematurely gray, as well. Other factors that contribute to gray hair are a deficiency in B-12 or a thyroid imbalance.

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How Does Hair Turn Gray?

MSNBC explains that a build-up of hydrogen peroxide leads to gray hair. Hydrogen peroxide, which is naturally produced by the body, counteracts with melanin. Melanin provides color to a human’s hair and skin. When there is a hydrogen peroxide buildup, hair begins to turn gray. Additionally, the body produces an enzyme named catalase. This enzyme breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. As humans age, the production of catalase lessens, causing a bigger build up of hydrogen peroxide and more gray hair.

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Go Away Gray

Go Away Gray is a pill that causes gray hair to go away 1. According to KDKA, a one month supply runs about $30 and can be bought online or at some health food stores. Cathy Beggan created the product. The pill works by using tyrosine in an enzyme named catalase. Tyrosine helps the body produce enough catalase to break down the hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles, which causes gray hair 1.


Melancor is also a pill that is available to prevent gray hair 4. According to Disabled World, it works in two ways. First, it causes melanocytes to produce melanin pigment, which makes color in the hair follicles. Second, it mobilizes melanin. When melanin is mobilized, it causes hair follicles to move the color around to the gray hair 1. According to Short Hair Style, the success rate for Melancor is about 78 percent 4. Short Hair Style also said that 2 percent of individuals developed a headache or stomach ache from taking the product 4.


Ho-Shou-Wu is a Chinese herb purported to treat hair that is turning gray. According to the Institute for Traditional Medicine, the liver and kidney play a role in a person developing gray hair 2. Chinese theory dictates that the kidney and the blood of the liver control the condition of hair. When the liver blood is lower than normal, this causes the hair to turn gray 1. Additionally, if there is a deficiency in the kidneys, this can also cause the hair to turn gray. Ho-Shou-Wu treats both conditions, causing hair to turn back to its natural color.