How to Get Off of Oxygen-Assisted Breathing

Oxygen-assisted breathing is a great aid when necessary, but it can be a burden to remain on oxygen for too long. Lugging around an oxygen tank is a hassle and, if your insurance does not cover it, expensive. Over time, many people are able to wean themselves off of oxygen. While there is no set time-span for this type of procedure, it can quite often be accomplished with no additional tools in a relatively short period of time.

Consult a medical professional to be sure that you are healthy enough to be weaned off of oxygen-assisted breathing.

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Determine whether or not the medical condition that necessitated assisted breathing is still present. If it is, you will need to consider alternative treatment options.

Discuss the implications of getting weaned off of assisted breathing with your family and anyone else who will be affected.

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Begin the weaning process by periodically attempting to breathe in a relaxed state without using the machine. Attempt to breathe on your own, but do not hesitate to use assistance. Consult a medical professional throughout this process to ensure that you do not go too fast.

Consult a healthcare practitioner to ensure that you can breathe for short periods without assistance according to his or her standards.

Begin breathing on your own whenever possible. Use assistance whenever you are stressed, short of breath or exert yourself more than normal.

Continue this process of gradual weaning 1. Use less and less oxygen as you go along, until you feel confident in your ability to breathe without assistance.

Consult a medical professional before fully terminating your reliance on oxygen-assisted breathing, as a precaution.


Never try to get off of oxygen-assisted breathing without asking a doctor beforehand. Some people are not physically able to breathe on their own and removing the oxygen can be fatal.