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How to Manage a Loose toenail

By Contributing Writer

A loose toenail can become painful and problematic if not handled correctly. Correct handling will prevent long-term distortion.

How to Manage a Loose Toenail

Cut the toenail as short as possible without lifting the nail any further. This makes it less likely to tear the toenail from the nail bed, which can be extremely painful.

Use a bandage to hold the toenail in place, avoiding further damage such as getting the toenail caught on a sock.

Do not be alarmed if the toenail falls off. A new one will grow back. Be patient, as this can take up to a year or more for the big toe and six months or more for the others.

Seek the help of your podiatrist if the toenail is painful or if there is any associated bleeding, discoloration--or if you see no improvement.

If you have a recurring loose toenail, visit your podiatrist. Loose toenails can be caused by poor-fitting footwear, other problems with your feet or certain medical conditions.

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