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How to Make a Weight Loss Drink From Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar is an old remedy for many ailments, ranging from constipation to nearsightedness. However, its popularity as a weight loss drink peaked in the 1970’s and is still in use by weight loss gurus and personal trainers. Although no scientific studies back the claims that apple cider vinegar will take the pounds off, there is an indication that with regular usage, it will alkalize an acidic system and in turn, may raise a person’s metabolism.

Check with your doctor before beginning any long-term weight loss program. Some diet enthusiasts recommend a raw version of apple cider vinegar, the cloudy kind with tiny strands of fermented apple fibers, while others say the clear variety from the grocery store will be just fine.

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Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a large glass of drinking water and sip on it. The simplest of all the drink versions, you will sip this water slowly three times a day, preferably before meals. The idea is to normalize an acidic stomach, reducing your cravings for food while raising a sluggish metabolism.

Make your weight loss drink more palatable and boost your energy level by adding 2 teaspoons of honey to a glass of vinegar-water. In addition to the weight loss benefit, this concoction appears in an Amish book of home remedies for soothing an upset stomach.

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Squeeze a little lemon juice in your vinegar-water along with the honey for a change of pace. Lemon is popular in the dieting world for its cleansing and diuretic properties. You can also add a little ginger to spice up the drink.

Kick start your metabolism with the same ingredients used in the 1970’s version of the weight loss drink. A pinch of cayenne pepper and dash of garlic juice adds spice to your apple cider vinegar drink and may increase your circulation. In addition, some dieters use this drink to wash down a B6 vitamin three times a day.

Substitute natural maple syrup for the honey for a variation in taste.


Increase the amount of vinegar in your drink to 3 teaspoons, if desired. After a few days, you may become accustomed to the flavor and begin to enjoy the drink. However, increasing the amount of vinegar beyond 3 teaspoons does not result in quicker weight loss. Eat a healthy diet as recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture Commission on Nutrition.


Discontinue the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet if you experience any negative side effects and consult your physician. The original vinegar diet that suggests B6 vitamin supplementation may result in too much of the vitamin in your system.