Can You Drink Alcohol While Taking the Alli Diet Pill?

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Dieting poses a huge obstacle for many people, and coming up with the resolve to lose weight may take considerable thought. Some people choose to talk to their doctors about using diet aids, such as Alli, to help with weight loss. If you and your doctor think Alli may work for you, you will need to reduce your intake of fatty foods. Alli does not require that you give up alcohol, but you may want to consider the effects of alcohol on your weight.

Alli Effects

Alli does not directly affect your body fat, but when you take Alli before a meal, it prevents your body from absorbing all the fat found in the foods you eat. Alli may help you lose weight because fat contains calories, and if your body does not absorb all the fat, you will reduce your calories. You will need to keep your fat intake down to 15 g of fat for each meal. If you consume more fat than this, you will risk side effects, such as uncontrolled bowel movements.


Alli and alcohol do not have any known interactions, so you can safely drink while using Alli. Keep in mind, however, that alcohol may impede your weight loss. Not only does alcohol contain many calories, but getting drunk or tipsy may encourage you to snack. Drinking alcohol may not have long-term effects on your weight loss, particularly if you rarely drink, but you should consider the possible setbacks if you do choose to indulge.


If you want to have an alcoholic drink on occasion, consider your options and make the best choice for your health and weight loss goals. Instead of mixed drinks that have high sugar content, choose a glass of wine. A glass with just over 4 oz. may contain around 80 calories, or a similar serving size of champagne contains around 95 calories. You may also choose light beers, which contain around 110 calories for a 12 oz. serving. Read labels and make wise choices to get the most out of the Alli plan.


Although deemed safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Alli use may not be appropriate for everyone. Talk to your doctor to help you determine if you have any health conditions, such as gallbladder disease, that would indicate you should not use Alli.