How to Make a Numbing Gel

Numbing gel is used to avoid pain. A numbing gel — also called a topical anesthetic — can be used to deaden the pain of the needle passing through skin during ear or body piercings. Likewise, a numbing gel can be used before getting a tattoo so the scraping of the needle over the skin won't hurt so bad. You can buy a numbing gel from a drugstore, or take a little bit of time and make one yourself.

Measure one cup of aloe vera gel and pour it into the bowl. Use clear aloe vera so you can see when it gets a tint from the peppers. Avoid colored gels.

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Chop 1 ounce of red chili peppers 1. Discard the stems but keep the rest of the pepper. The seeds have concentrated amounts of capsaicin, the active ingredient that gives peppers their pain-relieving ability.

Mix the chopped chili peppers into the bowl with the gel. Keep mixing until you get a slight pink tint to the gel. If you don't get a pink tint, add more chopped chili peppers until you do.

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Put the gel mixture into a closed container and let sit so the peppers and gel can meld together. When needed, apply liberally to the area you wish to numb.


Aloe vera gel works well because it also softens skin and is a natural moisturizer. However, other gels can be used if aloe vera is not available. In a pinch, a lotion or cream will also work.

If the gel creates too much heat on your skin, try wiping some off and using a smaller amount next time.


Chili peppers can sting, particularly in mucous membranes and the eyes. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes after handling chili peppers. You can alternatively use gloves when handling the peppers and make sure to take them off before touching anything else.

Some people have sensitivity to the peppers. If you begin to have a reaction to the gel, remove it completely from your skin and seek medical attention.

Never apply the gel to broken or irritated skin. The gel can cause more irritation and be harmful in an open wound.