Home Remedies for Yellow Fly Bites

The yellow fly's bite can cause piercing pain that can last for hours. This fly is commonly found in Florida, South America and Honduras. Only the female yellow flies drink blood and bite. A yellow fly bite can lead to severe skin inflammation and pain when not properly treated.

Apply comfrey cream four to seven times daily. Comfrey cream contains the compounds allantoin and mucilage, which quickly absorbs into the skin to relieve inflammation from yellow fly bites. It also accelerates cell growth prevention skin scarring.

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Apply a slice of onion to the bitten area. Onion contains a high amount of sulfur compounds and other active ingredients that draw out the pain. The onion reduces the swelling in only a few hours. Cut an onion in half and wait a few seconds for its juices to ooze out. Apply to the bite, rubbing in circular motions. Do this for 15 minutes. Do not rinse off until after five hours. Repeat as needed.

Apply tea tree oil. This oil contains the substance terpinen-4-ol, which prevents infections and reduces inflammation of the skin. Apply tea tree oil to the bite area generously and massage for 10 minutes 2. Leave it on your skin until your next shower.

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Rub a lemon on the affected area. Lemons contain citric acid, which helps dilute the toxic effects of the yellow fly bite while reducing the inflammation and pain associated with it. Cut a lemon in half, remove the seeds and rub it on the affected area for 15 minutes. Let it dry and repeat when needed.

Apply aloe vera to the bitten area. This medicinal plant contains a high amount of amino acids and vitamins that help regenerate the reddened bitten area. It also reduces the pain from the bite. Use the juice straight from the aloe vera plant. Avoid using aloe gels sold commercially because they contain too many ineffective artificial ingredients. Try to buy an aloe vera plant from a plant store and use it directly on your skin.


Wash your hands and the affected area thoroughly with soap and water before applying any of the above natural treatments.