How to Make Bug Spray with Skin-So-Soft

Most people have only temporary pain and swelling after bug bites. A hypersensitive individual can experience a potentially fatal reaction if not treated quickly. Deet is a chemical found in more than 400 bug repellents that has proven very effective. As with any chemical, it could cause side effects, such as skin rashes, lethargy, muscle spasms, nausea and irritability. A extreme reaction could cause death. According to, there are home remedies to repel insects without toxic chemicals. Below is a recipe to make a bug repellent with Avon's Skin So Soft.

How To Make A Bug Spray With Skin So Soft

Combine Skin So Soft with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

Shake the mixture thoroughly.

Spray lightly on skin and clothes before going into a bug infested area.


Always shake mixture before re-applying.