How to Repair Skin Discoloration Caused by Hair Removal Products

Some forms of hair removal, such as depilatories, use harsh ingredients to break down the hair strands. This process can leave skin stained slightly 2. The discoloration of the skin is an after-effect of the chemical process and will sit primarily on the top layer of the dermis. There are many skin bleaching agents that deal effectively with the discoloration. However, a natural approach avoids applying more chemicals to already-treated skin and still helps to bleach and exfoliate the stain to repair skin.

Cut a medium-sized lemon in half. Store one section in the refrigerator.

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Sprinkle 1/2 tsp. white, granulated sugar over the stain. This will serve as a rough texture to exfoliate skin, essentially scraping off the stained cells.

Rub the half section of lemon over the sugar. The acid from the lemon will bleach skin that does not come off with the exfoliation. Press down lightly on the lemon so skin does not become irritated or abraded. Leave the solution in place after rubbing for up to five minutes. This allows the lemon juice to bleach the area.

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Rinse skin with warm water to remove dead skin cells and residue from the application.

Add additional lemon juice to skin if stain remains. Leave the juice in place for 10 minutes to further bleach the stain. Rinse off with warm water.

Apply a moisturizer to your skin to soften the area and help skin heal.


As an alternative, skip the sugar application and only use the lemon to bleach the area. Leave the juice on for 10 minutes and rinse. To avoid staining, do a patch test with any hair removal products before applying. Cover a small, unnoticeable section with the chemical and leave on for a few minutes. If skin becomes red or stains, try a different product.


If skin is irritated after hair removal, wait 24 hairs before bleaching with lemon juice. The liquid from the lemon contains citric acid that may further irritate the area. Do not apply lemon juice to skin that is red or that has abrasions or open areas. The acid will burn cuts or sore skin.

If the depilatory causes burning or a rash, discontinue use; this may indicate the solution is too strong or an allergic reaction.