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How to Make a Bow and Arrow

By Contributor

From Cupid to Robin Hood, a lot of cool guys have had a bow and arrow. This elegant weapon has served mankind well for centuries but perhaps the costs of a good one have prevented you from buying one yourself. With a bit of practice and patience, you can make a bow and arrow that fits your size and needs. Here is how to make a bow and arrow.

Look at and touch as many bows as you can. The first step in being able to successfully recreate something is to know the dimensions and intricacies of it fairly well. If you spend some time in a sporting goods store looking them over, you will be able to get design ideas and inspiration to make your own.

Get a book and learn all that you can about the weapon. The designs are essentially the same but there are many different ways to craft them. Get a book and start reading for more information.

Gather your materials. Choose the wood for the arrows and the bow. Also, get the materials you will need for the arrowheads, fletching and bow string.

Find a suitable piece of wood and clean off any twigs so that you can begin to shape it. Work it along the natural curve with sandpaper or another woodworking tool. Work the wood until it is smooth and easily bends but is not weak. Also, cut a notch near each end of the wood for the bowstring to go through.

Take the material you have selected for your bowstring and cut it to the proper length so that it provides the proper tension when you draw back on the bow.

Make the arrows. Take a straight, lightweight stick and secure an arrowhead to the front of it. Cut three slots near the end of the shaft to insert your fletching to provide stability in flight. The straighter the shaft of the arrow, the straighter it will fly. Also remember to cut a notch into the back of the arrow for the string to go into.

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