How to Make Your Nike Airmax Bubble Look New

    Keeping you Nike Airmax Bubble shoes looking new is important not only for superficial and stylistic reasons, but also to prevent them from becoming worn or corroded. Using materials around the home, clean your shoes without damaging them, which is what happens if you put your shoes in the washing machine or use bleach. A soft and gentle approach will make your Nike Airmax Bubble look new.

  1. Fill a bowl half full with warm -- but not hot -- water. Place a quarter cup of washing powder into the bowl and mix around with your hands.

  2. Hold your Nike Airmax Bubbles above the water, and dip in the toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to scrub the shoe, removing all dirt. Do not immerse the shoe in the water.

  3. Polish the shoe once all visible dirt has been removed by rinsing the toothbrush and making small circular motions all over the shoe. The more regularly you do this, the newer your shoes will look.

  4. Scrunch up newspapers and put them inside the shoe to help with the drying. Leave the shoes outside to air out. Do not leave them out in the rain and bring them inside at night.

  5. Repeat this process once a week to keep your shoes looking new. If you get dirt on your shoes, wash them immediately, before it has time to stain the shoe.