How to Make an Adult's Eye Patch

Whether you wear an eye patch for medical reasons or for fun, you might as well wear it with flair. When making one yourself, design it to suit your personality. Before proceeding, decide on the type of material to be used. Selection partly depends on whether the patch is intended for temporary or permanent wear. Materials like glass and plastic are sturdy and durable. Fabrics are washable and scratch-proof. Whatever the choice, create the eye patch so it fits comfortably and does not chafe, slip or wear out quickly.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Easy Eye Patch

Make a paper or cardboard template using an eyeglass lens as a guide if you have one available, or, use an object of a different shape. Create the template slightly larger than the model to insure complete coverage of the eye.

Place the template on the material you are using for the patch and cut around it. Trace first if that is easier for you. Glue cotton padding to the inside of the patch for added comfort. For a stiffer outcome, soak the padding in starch before attaching it to the patch. Press it into a slight convex shape and let it dry for 24 hours.

Punch or cut holes on either side of the patch. If using a hard substance like glass or plastic, drill the holes. Make the holes only large enough for string, cord, elastic, or ribbon to pass through.

Measure cord or string to fit around your head. Fold it twice for added strength. Feed the string through the holes and tie knots where it enters to prevent slipping. Tie it behind your head or eliminate this step by using elastic.

Give your patch a personal touch with fancy string or ribbon. Depending on the material used for the eye patch, add stickers, drawings, glitter or plastic gems to dress it up.

Pirate Patch

Draw a large oval or oblong shape on a piece of paper. Make it large enough to completely cover your eye. You can always trim the finished product if necessary.

Pin the paper to a piece of black velvet and cut around it. If you prefer a thicker patch, use black foam.

Punch holes through each side of the patch. Thread black shoelaces or elastic through the holes, tying knots inside of the holes. Tie or slip elastic behind your head.