Long-Term Effects of Heat Stroke

A heat stroke is an elevation in body temperature from overexposure to the sun or high temperatures. A heat stroke can cause a person to have both physical and neurological problems, unlike heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which are two less severe ailments. The long-term effects of heat stroke can be dire, according to Medicinenet.com.


Heat stroke causes severe dehydration and can ultimately lead to a person's demise. Fifty-eight people were randomly selected out of 3,500 people who had suffered a heat stroke in a July 1995 University of Chicago study. One-fourth of these people died. (See reference 1 below)

Long-Term Effects

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Heat stroke can also cause brain damage, kidney problems and even blood disorders over time, according to Sunshinesafetytips.com.

Other Long-Term Effects

According to the University of Chicago study in 1995, 10% of the heat stroke victims sustained lung inflammation.

Types of Severe Symptoms

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Heat stroke also causes seizures and in some cases, coma or a comatose state in some individuals.


People who suffer from heat stroke need to receive immediate attention in order to prevent permanent organ damage (According to Medicinenet.com.) Recommended treatments include taking the victim to a shady area, applying cool water to their skin and placing ice packs to the groin and under the arms.