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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Urine?

By Kevin Woodson ; Updated July 27, 2017


Even though it may taste good and make you feel good, alcoholic beverages are a poison to your body and affect the central nervous system by impairing your motor skills controlled by the brain. Drinking too much alcohol will diminish your depth perception, coordination, judgment and memory. Alcohol consumed reaches your stomach within five minutes.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the Body?

The liver can process 1 oz. of alcohol per hour in a person with a properly functioning liver. Ten percent of the alcohol can be expelled from your body through urine, the other 90 percent is broken down by your metabolism. There are factors that will affect the rate of the metabolism of alcohol, namely, sex, weight, height and age. Men metabolize alcohol faster than women. Alcohol is one of the most predictable chemical reactions for your body. It burns off at a rate of .015 percent or 1 drink per hour. Because metabolisms are different and some are slower, the time to completely expel alcohol from your system will vary. If the average person drinks 24 oz. of alcohol, it will no longer be detected in the system after approximately 24 hours

Facts about Alcohol

There is a common misconception that the bigger you are, the more you can drink. It takes longer for people with a lot of fat to absorb the alcohol than an individual with less fat, but regardless of your size, alcohol is metabolized at the same rate. It is also thought that hot coffee or a cold shower helps get rid of alcohol. This is also not true. They help keep the body awake but do not help metabolize the alcohol.

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