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List of Foods That Contain No Folic Acid

Often referred to as folate and folic acid, vitamin B-9 plays an important role in maintaining good health. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, this vitamin helps cells reproduce and grow. Too little folic acid can lead to anemia. While an important nutrient for maintaining health, especially during times of pregnancy and early childhood, folic acid does not exist in all foods. While some foods, such as cereals and breads, supply large amounts of folic acid such as other foods contain no folic acid.


Many sugary sweets don’t contain folic acid. This includes chocolates, caramels, fudge and hard candies. Numerous desserts also fall into this category, including pudding, gelatin and canned apple pie filling. Sweet ingredients like powdered sugar, maple syrup and brown sugar don’t contain folic acid either. Also, honey doesn't supply this important vitamin.


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Fats do little to supply your body with healthy nutrients. Folic acid is no exception when it comes to finding being present in fats. Many types of oil including vegetable, soybean, peanut, sesame and olive oils, do not supply folic acid. Other fatty substances that don't have folic acid include butter, margarine and lard.


Some foods that dress up meals and add flavor to dishes, salads and sandwiches don’t contain folic acid. These include certain salad dressings, mustard, jellies and hot sauce. Some fruit butters, as well as sweet pickle relish don’t contain folic acid. Adding olives to your salad won’t increase your intake of this nutrient either.


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Water and many other types of drinks don't contain folic acid. For example, coffee doesn’t supply folic acid and adding creamer to your morning cup won’t supply this nutrient either. Although brewed black tea and herbal teas supply minimal amounts of folic acid, instant tea contains no folic acid. Lemonade may increase your intake of vitamin C, but it won’t supply your diet with folic acid. Carbonated cola doesn’t have folic acid. Other drinks that don’t contain measurable amounts of folic acid include canned and bottled apple juice, canned grape drink and many types of powdered drink mixes.