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List of Acid Free Foods

By Daniel Westlake ; Updated July 27, 2017

Alkaline and acid balance in the body plays a major role when it comes to the overall health of a person. If acid levels become to high, a person has ailments that affect the digestive system or has recently had oral surgery, then acidic foods should be avoided until the problem is rectified.


Milk has no acid in it as it is a base food and often temporarily settles a large amount of acid production in the stomach. It is a base which neutralizes acid in the digestive system and keeps it from adversely effecting the body when it is released. Milk should be drunk regularly throughout the day in small doses for someone with serious acid reflux. Skim milk is best, as it is the healthiest milk to consume regularly.

Rice, Breads and Pasta

Rice, breads and pasta are non-acidic foods which soak up large amounts of acid in the digestive track and when broken down raise the alkalinity of the body in general. These foods and others which are high in carbohydrates are recommended for people who have serious acidic reflux disease and need a constant remedy when they are eating outside of taking medication. These foods should be consumed in small meals throughout the day in those situations.


Lettuce is an acid-free food which helps to pacify the stomach and allows a large amount of alkalinity back into the body in a natural way. Lettuce can be eaten in sandwiches or on salads, as long as there are no vegetables like onions or garlic which have moderate to high levels of acidity on them. Dressing is also important to pay attention to with lettuce and salads, as the lettuce is fine but the dressing could be very high in vinegar, which has a high acid content.

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