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How to Launder McDavid Knee Pads

By Scott Damon

McDavid is a sports apparel company that manufactures a line of knee pads that are popular in many sports, including wrestling. Geared to be used in any contact sport, they provide an extra layer of stability to the knee while at the same time protecting the knee from mat burns or scrapes from opponents. McDavid knee pads do not follow any special washing instructions and can be laundered with the rest of the uniform or regular load of laundry.

  1. Gather together the wrestling items that need to be washed. This will include the McDavid knee pads, wrestling singlet, jock strap (cup removed), socks, and potentially a head band.

  2. Read the washing instructions on the various labels. McDavid knee pads are completely machine-washable. Therefore defer to any special washing instructions for other items. Because singlet are made of nylon, polyester and potentially cotton, washing them in warm water will help remove the sweat, while not shrinking the singlet with the use of hot water.

  3. Place the load into the washing machine. If the wrestling gear, including the McDavid knee pads, is particularly dirty you might want to pre-soak the load. Add detergent as per the detergent instructions for the size of your load. Wash the load.

  4. Remove the items from the washing machine. The McDavid knee pads should be air dried. Make sure to dry the knee pads in an open dry space so it does not pick up a musty or mildewy smell.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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