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How to Keep Yourself From Crying

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

How to Keep Yourself From Crying. There is nothing wrong with crying. Everyone does it at one time or another. But sometimes crying is something you want to do privately. Try to put on a strong face in front of others. Learn to control your emotions and keep yourself from crying in public.

Identify your triggers. They are different for everyone. Some people cry at sentimental commercials, sad movies or sappy love songs. Others cry when overly stressed or emotionally exhausted. Figure out what makes you cry and try to avoid the situation in public, if possible.

Prepare yourself for sad or stressful situations. Do visualization exercises. Lie down and close your eyes. Breathe deeply to relax. Visualize yourself staying strong in the middle of the sad or stressful situation. Study your tearless face. Do self-affirmations as you visualize. Say, "I will not cry" or, "I will stay strong" over and over until your subconscious believes it.

Distract yourself. If you catch yourself about to cry, change your thoughts immediately. Remove your mind from the situation. Think about something that makes you laugh and focus on that instead.

Stop the physical symptoms. When you feel your lip begin to tremble, bite it gently to stop it. When you feel your voice start to quiver, take a deep breath and get a drink of water. Take slow, deep, breaths to calm yourself down.

Keep yourself in the best physical and emotional condition possible. Eat healthily and exercise to reduce your stress. Get plenty of sleep and avoid being overly-tired. You are much more likely to cry when your body is under significant stress.

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