Instructions for a Nike Custom-Fit Mouthguard

A mouth guard is an essential piece of safety equipment when playing sports. A mouth guard protects your teeth during physical activities such as football, basketball and skateboarding, where injury or trauma to your teeth and gums is possible. Mouth guards generally come in three different types: stock mouth pieces which do not form to fit the individual's mouth, "boil and bite" custom-fit mouth guards, and customized mouth pieces bought from a dentist 1. The Nike Custom Fit mouth guard is an example of a "boil and bite" mouth piece which allows the comfort of molding to an individual's mouth without the cost of customized pieces.

Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove.

Place the Nike Custom-Fit mouth guard into boiling water using a pair of tongs. Keep the mouth guard in the boiling water for approximately 45 seconds.

Remove the Nike Custom-Fit mouth guard from the boiling water using tongs and place into cold water for approximately three seconds.

Take the Nike Custom-Fit mouth guard out of the cold water, checking that it is cool enough to place in your mouth.

Place the Nike Custom Fit mouth guard in your mouth. Press down on the mouth guard with your fingers to ensure that it is molding to your teeth. Bite down with your teeth and suck out the excessive water. This will promote a better fit.