Instructions on How to Calibrate a Contour Diabetes Meter

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by blood glucose levels that are outside of the normal range 1. Consequently, people who have diabetes are encouraged to monitor blood glucose levels regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle 1. The Contour diabetes meter is used for home monitoring of blood sugar levels. The manufacturer of the Contour meter (Bayer Pharmaceuticals) recommends routine calibration of the unit in order to ensure accurate results.

Confirm that the Bayer Contour test strips and control solution are not expired. If either product is expired, do not attempt the calibration test until unexpired supplies are available.

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Take a test strip from the vial and close the cap immediately. The strips should not be exposed to air for long periods of time. Inspect the test strip for signs of damage, as a damaged strip can render erroneous results for the calibration.

Insert the gray end of the strip into the meter. An icon of a flashing drop of blood will appear on the screen.

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Shake the control solution bottle, and then place a drop of the solution onto the wax paper (or other clean, nonabsorbent surface).

Touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of control solution, and wait for the meter to beep as the solution is pulled into the strip. A five-second countdown begins after the beep, as indicated on the display. Once the countdown is complete, the meter will display the results.

Read the result on the screen and compare it with the normal control range listed on the solution bottle. The bottom of the test strip box also lists the normal control range. If the result is within an acceptable range, calibration is complete. Simply remove the test strip from the meter and discard it. If the result is outside of the range listed on the control solution bottle, move to the next step.

Verify that the test strips and control solution are not expired, and check that the solution is Bayer Contour control solution.

Roll the control solution bottle gently to ensure it is mixed well, and perform the calibration test again. If the result is still outside of the acceptable range, contact Bayer Pharmaceuticals at 1-800-348-8100.


The check mark displayed after the calibration result is rendered does not indicate that the calibration was successful. The check mark simply means that the system recognized that control solution, and not blood, was applied to the meter.


Only use strips and control solution intended for use with the Bayer Contour meter. Failure to do so can render inaccurate results on the calibration test.

Never use a meter for glucose testing if it has failed calibration.