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How to Identify Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Could you be suffering from Hypothyroidism? The symptoms are subtle and often mistaken for depression. If left untreated, it can cause anemia, low body temp and heart failure.

According to The Merck Manual of Medical Information, the following may be symptoms of hypothyroidism. Read this list and note any symptoms that apply.

Slow pulse Hoarse voice Slowed speech Puffy face Loss of eyebrows Drooping eyelids Intolerance to cold Constipation Weight gain Sparse, coarse, dry hair Dry, scaly, thick coarse skin; raised thickened skin over shins Carpal tunnel syndrome Confusion Depression Dementia

Other symptoms of Hypothyroidism you should take note of may include: Inability to loose weight with diet/exercise Low body temperature Fatigue -chronic fatigue Aches in joints, hands and feet Trouble conceiving a baby Moodiness, unstable moods Difficulty concentrating Feeling sad Forgetfulness Loss of interest in activities Strange feelings in neck and throat Ringing in the ears Hotheadedness Low libido

You do not have to be suffering from all these symptoms to be hypothyroid. The symptoms are slow and gradual, you may only have a few mild symptoms that are un-alarming. Being cold all the time, yawning a lot to get air, suffering from severe menstrual cramps, or just an overall tired feeling can indicate a thyroid disorder. If you feel you have any of the symptoms mentioned, write them down.

If you feel you may have a thyroid disorder, seek confirmation through a blood test that measures TSH, taken at your doctors office. Make a list of the above symptoms that you have and bring it with you. If your test results indicate you are hypothyroid, your Dr. will write a prescription for one of several oral preparations that replace the deficient thyroid hormone.

THE SELF TEST. What's you BASAL BODY TEMP? Take your temperature every morning IN BED, right when you wake up before doing anything. Place thermometer under armpit and leave for 10 minutes (if it is mercury), or until digital thermometer beeps. Keep a daily log for 2-3 weeks. What is your average body temp? If it is below 97.2 degrees F than you should go to the doctor to get a prescription, unless you choose to try and treat it naturally. (which will be my next article).

Consider if you may have Euthroid Syndrome-this is when you have low thyroid, but the tests come back normal. This is another reason why it is helpful to do the SELF TEST because well-documented studies show that low body temperature is indicative of euthyroid hypothyroidism.

There are new guidelines that doctors are using to diagnose hypothyroidism which double the number of people who have a thyroid condition than under the old guidelines. The old test didn't recognize people with minor thyroid conditions. So if you tested negative in the past, go back and get tested again.


Do the SELF TEST Common medications include Armour Thyroid, Levothyroxine, and Synthroid It is important to get your thyroid tested during pregnancy. some women become hypothyroid and if left untreated, could cause mental retardation for the child.

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