Signs of Too Much Thyroid Medication

The thyroid controls many hormonal functions within the body. When a problem occurs with the thyroid, it can mimic many other symptoms. It is important for a physician to understand the patient has thyroid problems to be able to isolate the problem that a patient may be taking too much thyroid medication.

Most Serious Symptom

The most serious complication of too much thyroid medication is an irregular heart rate. It can become so serious that it can become atrial fibrillation, which has to be controlled by medication or shocking the heart into a slower, normal rhythm.

Change in Weight

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Too much thyroid medication can cause the patient to lose significant amounts of weight.

Eye Problems

Redness and swelling can develop in the eyes. It can also cause a build-up of pressure on the optic nerve.

Sleep Problems

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Difficulty sleeping can occur with too much thyroid medication. This will cause ongoing fatigue.

Psychiatric Complications

Anxiety is a big factor that can develop with too much thyroid medication. Anxiety occurs in so many other conditions, that this symptom alone does not lead to the diagnosis of too much medication.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Diarrhea is a common compliant with too much thyroid medication. The concern with this symptom is a change in the intestinal system or bowels can lead a physician to misdiagnosis, since this is a major new symptom of many types of cancer.