Hydroxycut & Stomach Pain

Hydroxycut is a supplement that contains stimulants and encourages weight loss. There has been a recall on several Hydroxycut products, since the supplement has been linked to liver damage and one case of death. This substance is known to encourage weight loss but the most healthy way to lose weight is to stay active, work out and maintain a healthy diet. There are several side effects associated with Hydroxycut use including stomach pain.


This supplement is used to accelerate weight loss in people. Hydroxycut can aid a person in reaching their desired weight when combined with a workout routine and healthy eating. A health care professional such as a doctor should help a person determine whether starting a regiment involving Hydroxycut is safe.


Hydroxycut & Stomach Pain

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Hydroxycut use has been associated with rapid weight loss, which is the product's biggest selling point. Hydroxycut has also been linked to improved stamina, increased metabolism and increased energy levels. This product has also been known to decrease a person's appetite.


Before using Hydroxycut, there are certain issues to consider. Hydroxycut use has been linked to one death case. The Food and Drug Administration, as of May 2009, has urged consumers not to consume Hydroxycut tablets. Several liver-related injuries and conditions have been directly related to Hydroxycut use. Hydroxycut use should be halted immediately and a doctor should be contacted if allergic reactions such as swelling of the mouth or throat occur while taking the supplement. This supplement is not recommended for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or people that are known to have adverse reactions to ephedrine because it is one of the main ingredients in Hydroxycut. (See Resource 1).

Side Effects

Side Effects of Phedra-Cut

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As with any medication or supplement, there is a possibility of experiencing unwanted side effects with Hydroxycut use. Some of the side effects of Hydroxycut use are: indigestion, insomnia, increased blood pressure, increased urination, excessive sweating as well as an increased heart rate. Other side effects associated with Hydroxycut use are dizziness, a feeling of restlessness, loss of appetite and lightheadedness. Stomach pain felt while taking Hydroxycut may be due to a lack of water intake. Hydroxycut should be taken with food, people may experience nausea if the supplement is taken on an empty stomach. Coffee should not be ingested before or after taking Hydroxycut as it may lead to stomach cramping.


There are many active ingredients in Hydroxycut that all work together to encourage weight loss. Hydroxycut tablets contain certain amounts of ephedrine, willow bark, guarana, hydroxagen, L-carnitine as well as green tea extracts. Guarana is known as an herbal version of caffeine and willow bark acts as an herbal version of aspirin. Green tea extracts in Hydroxycut tablets act as antioxidants.